When you walk into the First United Methodist Church, you enter a body of believers who have had an encounter with God and whose lives are changed by a growing relationship with God. Whatever it is that has brought you to the church, we are encouraged by your presence and greet you just the way you are. Yet we pray you will not leave the same way you arrived. The missions and ministries of this church are centered around Jesus, the living Word, and we have been called to follow him, striving to live out his Gospel of love. This changes us.

Please explore this website with an eye to discovering how you might find a way to belong and connect with God and God’s people. Primarily, we hope you will meet people who care about you, and who are eager to walk with you on your journey of faith. We do this by gathering to Worship God together and to Fellowship with each other in ministries of Nurture, Witness and Outreach. All of these expressions of our faith are empowered by the Spirit of God which permeates all that we do, and we hope that the love that transforms our lives will result in a world transformed by redeeming Love.

I pray that you will explore a deeper life of faith here at “FIRST” and experience a culture of acceptance, grace and vision. These values are expressed in the Word, Sacrament, and Order of the Christian tradition and the transforming love that fills our hearts in Jesus. Let’s follow him together with open hearts, minds, and doors.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Gary Heaton
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