Every year, during the coldest winter months, churches from all over our community work to provide a hot meal and warm place to sleep for the homeless men and women of Charlottesville. First UMC’s two weeks for hosting the men will be from March 10th through March 24th. Your help is needed to serve as greeters, shower assistants, an overnight presence, PACEM assistants, kitchen assistants, dinner chefs, meal servers, or just engaging in conversation and fellowship with our guests. Please review the brief volunteer positions that are listed below and click the links to be taken to a Google Doc where you can sign up online. The old-fashioned (pen & paper) sign-up sheets will still be available in the hallway on your way down to the Fellowship Hall. We will do our best to keep the online and church sheets up to date – so please feel free to use either method.

As an additional note:
This year, we are seeking a volunteer coordinator to oversee each of the 5 volunteer areas. These 5 volunteer coordinators would be responsible for simply checking in (via phone or email) with their volunteer areas and making sure that there is someone on hand to cover that position every night. Please let Tommy or Virginia know if you are willing to serve as one of these volunteer coordinators.
Welcome Table (Click Here to Sign Up)
  • Meet and Greet Guests & Monitor Smoking Passes
  • Answer Questions and Assist as Needed
  • Time Slots: 5:30pm – 8pm / 8pm – 10pm
Kitchen Helper (Click Here to Sign Up)
  • Refill Drinks & Refresh Snacks
  • Heat Dinners as Late Guests Arrive
  • Help Clean Up as Needed
  • Time Slots: 7pm – 8:30pm / 8:30pm – 10pm
PACEM Assistance (Click Here to Sign Up)
  • Help PACEM staff with the change-over of guests
  • Monitor TV Room, Movie Room, Bathrooms
  • Check out Movies
  • Assist as Needed
  • Time Slots: 6pm – 8pm / 8pm – 10pm
Shower Attendant (Click Here to Sign Up)
  • Coordinate and Maintain the Shower Schedule
  • Monitor the Shower Door and Times
  • Assist with Towels and Toiletries
  • Time Slots: 6pm – 7:30pm / 7:30pm – 9pm
Overnight Presence (Click Here to Sign Up)
  • Monitor Smoking Passes and Door until 11pm
  • Lock Door at 11pm
  • Go to Sleep on the 3rd Floor - You are here if the PACEM Staff need assistance during the night.
  • Set out Breakfast Items & Make Coffee in the Morning
  • Light Cleaning as needed
  • Time Slots: 10pm – 7am
For more information, please contact Tommy Gibson at 960-7213 or tgibson@nexet.net, or Virginia Gibson at 960-7212 or gibsonv@charlottesville.org