Note: The First at Five Ministry is currently under review. We will be meeting to assess and discern the future of this ministry on May 17th at 6:45pm. There are no future First at Five events planned at this time.

The First@5 program is an alternative worship/fellowship experience that takes place on the first Sunday of each month at 5pm in the Fellowship Hall. The purpose of this program is to provide a comfortable, inviting, and engaging opportunity for people to worship and fellowship together in a Christian Community.

People of all ages are welcome for this interactive experience. Our evenings usually revolve around a specific theme or idea and are supported through participation a number craft/group based activities. 

Some of our past themes have included:

  • Planting Seeds - Decorating and planting seeds in our own flowerpots.
  • Flying Higher - We are called to a higher purpose (Paper airplanes and creating help kits for our PACEM guests)
  • The Science of God - Family friendly science experiments (Lava lamps and homemade slime)
  • The Super Bowl - Teamwork games and activities
  • Party in the Park - Sharing food and fun with our community
  • Teamwork

    Our activites on this evening focused on working together!

  • Doing The Impossible

    We fit over 45 people through one single sheet of paper!

  • Flying High

    We acknowledge a higher calling (and subsequently threw paper airplanes in the sanctuary)!

  • All Are Welcome!

    All members of God's awesome family can find a seat at the table

  • Take It Home

    Everything we do has something you can take home

  • Feeding His Sheep

    Every First@5 evening ends with a free meal!