Gaining access to a relationship with God is the purpose of the Body of Christ (the Church).  It has been several decades since the Jefferson St. entrance, with its marble stairs and arched double doors, has been the primary entry way into the church.  For over a month now, the parking lot and glass doors off High St. have been eerily quiet and activity inside the building is at a minimum.  On Mondays, the soup kitchen is closed and our Monday through Friday Preschool has gone online.

However, the ministry of the FIRST United Methodist Church in Charlottesville is open and active and engaged in Witness, Outreach, Nurture and Worship.   The activity of the church has moved from the building into the homes, telephones and computer screens of our members.  The good news of the Gospel is being shared online and in appropriately distanced conversations and actions.  The faithful prayers and giving and service continue to overflow from the grace of God living in the hearts of believers.   Now is a time for God’s people to reach out with renewed vigor to share and show the power of the resurrection.  Frightened and anxious and isolated people are searching for hope and strength.  The church of Jesus Christ is the gift that we have to offer. 

The entry ways to the church may be changing, but the faith and the love of God’s people has not.  We want everyone to know that you can find a place to belong and people to hold on to in times of trial.  We want to offer the grace and love and salvation that has come to the world in Jesus Christ.  He is the portal through which we all have gained access to a saving relationship with God.

Please join us.  

Rev. Gary Heaton
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