All of our staff have experience with young children and both lead teachers bring a wealth of teaching experience and professional education in early childhood to our program. To their classroom experience our staff brings skills from their own parenting, musical and artistic skills, church nursery director experience, and health education experience.

  • Kelli Henning (Director and Lead teacher of 2’s)
  • Anika Winterhoff (Assistant teacher, 2’s)
  • Caroline Chang (Assistant Director and Lead Teacher of 3’s)
  • Meri Uzzell (Assistant teacher, 3’s)
  • Chrissy Porco (Lead teacher, Pre-K/4’s)
  • Jennie Bottas (Assistant teacher, Pre-K/4’s)

Classroom teachers work together as a team and have regular planning time to prepare for each class day. The entire staff meets monthly to address ways to constantly improve our preschool.