Health Acknowledgement Poster

Due to the influx of the delta variant, we return to MASK WEARING.

We hoped to continue our progression to less need for mask wearing, but the virus has caused us to again require masks for everyone. We are following CDC guidelines which recommend wearing a mask in public indoor settings.

We have children in our congregation who are not yet able to be vaccinated, and others who are immune compromised, so we need to care for each other - and especially our most vulnerable members - by wearing our masks in worship.


We are in this together - so let’s mask up, everyone!

Vaccination against COVID-19 is not required for attendance.

Plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early for required registration. 
You will be asked to read and agree to abide by a list of health statements (see image), agree to social distancing, and provide contact information before you can enter the church.




Seating will be marked in the pews, allowing for safe distancing (6 feet).

We ask that you fill the middle of the pew first, if at all possible. Families with young children are encouraged to sit on the outside aisles, so if children need to leave they can easily exit the pew. Persons in the same household will be seated together, and those groups of people that are comfortable sitting next to each other may choose to sit in a group. 

Offerings may be dropped into baskets as people exit the sanctuary.   

Dismissal will be out the front doors.

Restrooms only on the Sanctuary level will be open; occupancy is limited to 3 persons at a time.

Children's Sunday school classes are not scheduled at this time. 

No Nursery will be available at this time.

Most of us are weary of all that comes with the virus.

Give each other grace, as we will make mistakes. If you see someone without a mask, talk to them. Out of LOVE we can give each other respect, hope, and encouragement.


If you have concerns, feel free to contact The Post-COVID Re-entry Group
(formerly The Healthy Church Team)