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Sermon Series

FEARLESS - The Courage to Question
Worship Themes & Scriptures for March

  • Mar 5th - Bread
    What Am I Hungry For?

    Matthew 4:1-11
  • Mar 12th - Birth
    Am I Afraid to Die?

    John 3:1-18
  • Mar 19th - Water
    Why Do I Feel Empty?
    John 4:5-42
  • Mar 26th - Sight
    Am I Blind or Is God Hiding?
    John 9:1-41

Spotlight on First U.M.C.

  • FIRST@5 - Room at the Table

    Please join us on March 5th, at 5pm for an evening of Service, Engagement, and Communion!  Everyone is invited to meet in the fellowship...

  • Ash Wednesday Service

    We will have a special Ash Wednesday Service at 5:30pm on March 1, 2017 in the Sanctuary. We will not have our regular fellowship meal...

  • PACEM Information

    PACEM Sign Ups are still open! Every year, during the coldest winter months, churches from all over our community work to provide a hot...

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