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In The United Methodist Church, the Church Council provides, plans, and implements a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and other resources in the local church. It also provides for the administration of its organization and temporal life. The Church Council envisions, plans, implements, and annually evaluates the mission and ministry of the church and essentially functions as the administrative agency of the charge conference.

Our call to mission in times of contagion is to minimize risk. In order better fulfill that mission, and in communicating with our civic and ecclesiastical leadership, the decision has been made to Cancel all Worship Services through March 29. Online services will still be offered on Sunday, Mar 22, and Sunday March 29. We encourage everyone to remain connected to God and one another by joining us for virtual services online at https://www.facebook.com/cvillefirstumc. The service will be posted or streamed at some point on Sunday Mornings.

We would encourage all ministry groups, and non-essential activities to make alternative plans for staying connected. The Church council has created a ZOOM meeting account that will allow groups to meet online, so if you need access to this account or assistance with creating an online meeting, please contact Rev. Phil Woodson.

We are planning to resume normal worship services on April 5 – but will keep everyone updated if those plans change.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church office or either pastor.

Office - churchoffice@cvillefirstumc.org - (434) 296-6193
Rev. Gary Heaton – garyheaton@cvillefirstumc.org
Rev. Phil Woodson – philwoodson@cvillefirstumc.org

Do No Harm. Do Good. Love God.

The Church at work amidst a Viral Outbreak

Do No Harm.

The pastors have been reviewing recommendations from the VA Conference and other sources about how to best mitigate the transmission of dangerous viral strains during worship services that involve large numbers of participants. In addition to canceling worship services, we have also worked on creating opportunities for alternative greeting techniques (pass the peace, not the germs) - and it has been recommended that instead of using a common cup for communion and inviting every person to partake via intinction, that churches switch to individual communion cups that can be served without hand-to-hand transmission. Congregants at First UMC will notice a few alterations to the Sanctuary worship space and other changes to our communion services as the Worship Ministry Team prepares to implement some of these recommendations.

Do Good.

In addition to the changes listed above, First UMC is also striving to implement “best practices” for churches in more urban communities that have larger populations and areas that see a lot of foot traffic (i.e. downtown Charlottesville). In our efforts to do good, our worship services are usually live streamed on Facebook (facebook.com/cvillefirstumc) every week, for those who are unable to attend in person. On maintaining personal health and proper hygiene, The Rev. Jeremy Smith says, “The mission of the Church should inform our expressions. Churches are place where communities gather. If viruses can be stopped from transmitting in houses of worship and faith communities, then the church is doing its part to protect its membership. Community norming of sanitary procedures benefit everyone - so if we put these things into practice now, we can reduce its spread now and later.” Therefore, we are asking for those who may be sick or vulnerable to stay home as this will minimize risk. Our call to mission in times of contagion is to minimize risk and we invite everyone to join us in this worthwhile cause.

Love God.

The Rev. Katie Ladd reminds us that “it’s important for mental health to not shut churches down. We are the only place many people have for community. We have to balance mental health and social service with safety. We can do best practices instead of shutting down.” In uncertain times like these we encourage everyone to remain connected to God and one another. If you cannot worship in person on Sunday morning, please join us online (facebook.com/cvillefirstumc). First UMC also offers online giving (cvillefirstumc.org) so that there will continue to be a revenue stream for missions and ministry even without physical gatherings. Lastly, everyone is encouraged to use all means of communication to stay connected with their small groups and the Congregational Care Ministry Team. Prayer requests and any other information you would like for the pastors or ministry leaders to know can be emailed to prayers@cvillefirstumc.org


(Adapted from Rev. Jeremy Smith on HackingChristianity.net)

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The words composed here represent the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding this congregation toward a deeper understanding and love of God and Neighbor.

Mission Statement

"Changing lives through Jesus Christ." 

Welcoming Statement

First United Methodist Church, Charlottesville, welcomes and affirms people of every age, race, nationality, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status. Join us in our faith journey toward greater love, understanding, and mutual respect.

Vision Statement

All enter into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, discover, cultivate, and use their spiritual gifts to minister to others.

We are called to be a church where:

  • People are enthusiastic about worshiping together and are filled with the Holy Spirit,
  • All persons participate in spiritual growth opportunities and outreach ministries,
  • All persons support, uplift, and challenge one another as one body in Christ,
  • We support a vital and growing children's and youth ministry and the nurturing of all ages, and
  • We reflect the diversity of our community.

Core Value Statement

  1. Spiritual Faithfulness: We put the highest priority on the gospel of Jesus Christ and his example of love and forgiveness and on the spiritual disciplines which prepare us for such witness.
  2. Discipleship: We accept a life-long commitment to think and act more like Jesus Christ.
  3. Experience of Community: We welcome all people, take steps to be known to each other, and strive to exhibit the love and fellowship of the Christian community.
  4. Calls and Gifts: We celebrate each person's unique gifts and God's call for their use.
  5. Openness to Change: We accept the risks involved in responding to God's call.


As a United Methodist Church we are connected with the larger district, conference, and church.